Do you offer financing for all credit ratings?
Yes, we work with multiple lenders who offer financing for all credit ratings. Zero credit, good credit – we have options for everyone!

Do you have lease options?
Yes, we certainly do. At the end of the lease you can either buy out the motorcycle, return it, or trade it back in for another bike.

What is my first step to financing a motorcycle:
Your first step is to complete an application. We have an online finance application or you can apply in person. To apply online: Click Here

Do you have in-house financing?
No, we do not.

After I submit my application, what documents might the lender require to complete my approval?
For credit over 620 the lender will require the following:

  1. Valid drivers license
  2. Proof of income (this requirement is sometimes waived by lender)
  3. Proof of Address (if your drivers license is different than your physical address)

For credit below 620 the lender will require the following to complete your preapproval:

  1. Valid drivers license
  2. Proof of income
    1. For W2 Employees: Paystub and 1 month bank stmt
    2. For self-employed or 1099 employee: Three months of bank statements
  3. Proof of Address
  4. Five references

Is there a prepayment penalty?
No, there is no penalty for paying the loan off early.

I have excellent credit. What is the lowest interest rate offered by your lenders?
Interest rates start at 3.99% and up for prime lenders

What will my interest rate be if my credit score is below 600?
For credit scores below 600, interest rates range from 17.99% to 21%. We also offer leasing as an option.

What is my downpayment?
The minimum down payment is determined by the lender.  The biggest factors which determine your downpayment are: The NADA value of the bike – as well as the credit tier the underwriter determines you to be in.

What motorcycles tend to have lower downpayments?
Newer motorcycles tend to have lower down payments simply because their NADA value is (normally) higher than older bikes. Additionally, cruisers generally have better down payments than sport bikes.

Is insurance required?
Insurance is required for credit below 620.

For credit over 620, insurance may or may not be required. We have two finance companies we work with who do not require insurance as long as you meet certain criteria.

Do the finance companies report to the credit bureaus?
Yes, all our lenders report to the credit bureaus.

What are the insurance requirements?
Full coverage is required. The minimum deductible varies by lender. For loans: Comp and collision must be $1000 or less. For Leasing: Comp and collision must be $500 or less. The lender must be added as a leinholder and you must be listed as the insured.

Can you recommend an insurance company?
Clients are free to use whichever insurance company they would like. Our preferred partner is: Peterson Insurance Services 352-446-4626

I don’t want to run my credit without having an idea of my payments and down payment. What can I do?  
The terms are made by the finance company; however, we do our best to provide you a rough idea of the down payment and terms based on your credit rating/finance history/and the motorcycle your interested in. Please note your actual offer may differ from lender. .

How long does it take to get an answer to my application? 
We do our best to get you an answer within 24 hours or less. During holidays this may be delayed.

I don’t have a social. Can I get financing?
A social security number is required to finance.

I am not a permanent resident or citizen, can I get financing?
We have one lender who will finance if you are not a citizen. However, that lender requires credit over 680 and prior credit history. At this time, all the other lenders we use require you be a citizen or permanent resident.

What bikes qualify for financing?
For credit over 620:

  • Our lenders have different year restrictions. But we have one lender, who does not have a year restriction.
  • Bike must have a minimum NADA value of $5000.

For credit below 620:

  • 2004 or newer
  • Sport bikes must have under 35,000 miles

What bikes qualify for leasing?

  • 2008 or newer pre-owned Harley-Davidson
    2015 or newer pre-owned Indian
    2011 or newer pre-owned APRILIA
    2011 or newer pre-owned BMW
    2011 or newer pre-owned DUCATI
    2011 or newer pre-owned HONDA
    2011 or newer pre-owned KAWASAKI
    2011 or newer pre-owned KTM
    2011 or newer pre-owned MV AGUSTA
    2011 or newer pre-owned ROYAL ENFIELD
    2011 or or newer pre-owned SUZUKI
    2011 or newer pre-owned TRIUMPH
    2011 or newer pre-owned VICTORY MOTORCYCLES
    2011 or newer pre-owned YAMAHA
  • No mileage limitation
  • Any mileage qualifies for financing

Can I add a cosigner? 
Of course! Cosigners are an option for all.

Can I finance the bike under someone else’s name instead of myself?
No, our lenders do not offer this option.  However, you can certainly add a cosigner.

Is a bike put on hold after I submit an application? What do I do to hold a bike?
In order to guarantee the bike you would like to finance does not get sold, we encourage you to leave a $500 deposit. The deposit will apply towards any down payment you might owe. The deposit can be made remotely if you don’t want to come in person.

How will I receive the terms of my loan?
We will contact you via your preferred contact method, as selected on your application.

Do you do out-of-state financing?
Not at this time

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Financing All Credit Tiers

Financing All Credit Tiers

How does financing work? We work with multiple lenders who offer financing for all credit ratings. Zero credit, good credit – we have options for everyone. To find out your terms, you can fill out an application on our website. After the application is received, our financing team reviews your app and sends to the lender they think will provide you the best options.

What is my down?


The minimum down payment is determined by the lender.  The biggest factors which determine your downpayment are: The NADA value of the bike – as well as the credit tier the underwriter determines you to be in. To find out your down payment, fill out our online application to learn your options.

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